Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Week 9 - Group Site Analysis

The students investigated five general catagories, in preparation of development of their housing projects.

Topography / Land Features
Landmarks / Monuments / Visual Area Moments
Weather / Climate

These catagories developed as a database for all students to reference.

There is one great equalizing factor in New Orleans, and that is the flood. Sociological, economic, and racial data points to the fact that the flood, above all, affected every group. Vastly diverse in their heritage, saddled with a population consisting of 25% living below the poverty line, riddled with crime - this defines New Orleans. We saw this change with the flood. And while one could claim that the government toiled too little effect for certain segments of the distressed city while responding to the disaster, one cannot argue against the hard facts - the water was everywhere.

Flood Terrain

Sun Days

Demographics/Flood Analysis



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